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the second day of uni

Surprisingly enough I am more tired right now than I was after an 11 hr-long day yesterday. Anyhow. I'll give a short summary of what happened today. XD

I managed to take the bus by myself both there and back which is a very good achievement in my opinion. Today was alot more enjoyable than yesterday, since I actually know my way around and don't have to worry too much about getting lost and etc.... also, I only had one lecture with no breaks in which to worry about how to occupy myself, which was also very good. Alice, Ada AND Kelly turned out to be in my Jap lecture, and I also met this LJ friend of Angela's quite by accident which I found interesting. Aside from that (and my joining the Kiwi Asian Club) nothing much else happened. I plan to also join a dance club (salsa or hip-hop, perhaps?), although maybe I'll give up on joining the HK Society since a) I've already joined a culture club, and b) ....I'm more Kiwi Asian anyway XD.

Ugh. Today was a nice day I thought, but I'm really not looking forward to another 11 hr day tomorrow. And I don't know what to do about my English texts or any of my course materials (apart from Japanese which is pretty straightforward), not to mention the fact that I'm beginning to want a locker but have not found anybody to share one with yet. =/

Mm. I'll quit thinking about that for the meantime and just deal with what I can I suppose. XD