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Day Three~

Things are slowly looking up. I had reached a very low point last night when I was so overwhelmed by uni that I was just like fdklsjfd;slfkds and couldn't do a thing at all.... but after praying about it and reading a few pages of this book my church friends got me for my baptism two years before I feel alot better. And it does seem that uni is becoming less daunting. I just hope it starts feeling like home after a short while. It's almost like being Year 1 in primary all over again....

Anyway. Surprisingly enough, Law is one of my favourite lectures at the moment, followed by Philosophy. I'm still completely lost as to how on EARTH we're supposed to write essays on the two subjects, but nevertheless I will simply have to try my best. On the other hand, my English lecturer seems to be a nonsensical rambler, whereas my Japanese tutorials are quite frankly boring. I don't know. The people in my class just seem so - well, sensible that it's unsettling. I've realized that in uni, there doesn't really seem to be anybody who doesn't fit in or sticks out within the student body (or at least according to how much I have seen so far) - unlike, say, Hardy or Alan C or Alan Peng who were quite different people, I thought, but very interesting to have in the same vicinity. I really miss last year's Jap class where it was so much more interactive and fun. This year's Jap tutorial seems, so far, to just be work.... and work.... and work.... for heaven's sake! Give us some new interesting personalities to meet!

So right now I'm just pretty dead.

Ugh. I can pretty much tell that I'm not getting into second year Law or even second sem Law considering the knowledge I currently have. If I really want to continue with this I'm going to have to do a heck of a lot more extra study to catch up to those people who know what they're talking about when in discussion about the Civil Rights Movement or, I don't know, black rights.

Good heavens.

Haiz. This year is going to be a really tough year. But maybe it's a good thing. Keeps my mind occupied with useful things rather than.... tbh, even if anyone 'good' comes along I'm not even entirely sure that I will pursue a relationship with them. After all, I don't see myself having alot of time as it is, and.... well, 學業wai先啦. There will always be time for someone in the future, and perhaps right now is the time to start establishing my 'independence' (by getting the degree I want so that jobsearching in the future will be easier) - I need to be sure that I can look after myself before I get distracted by other things.

LOL. That sounded so.... pompous. Goodness. I can almost see myself becoming an old spinster with that kind of attitude. It feels good to say that though.