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Dear All,

Finally accepted admission into a BA/LLB! I'm not quite sure if I'm happy about it. At least that is one less thing to worry about. However, now I am tearing my hair out because I am so utterly lost with the courses and programmes and timetables and what is on in this semester and what is on the next.... omg. I have no idea how to do. How do people sort out these things in such a short amount of time? How are we supposed to know what to do? My goodness.

... okay. I just found out that we should only choose 2-3 BA subjects to concentrate on if we're doing a conjoint. Which means a maximum of about 2 papers per subject if we're doing three BA subs, or 3 if we're doing 2 BA subs.


Read My Girl again last night. I'm not entirely sure if it's a good book, but it never fails to make me tear up and I cried last night when I read it - like, really cried. It was a good outlet I suppose. Gah. I really want to see the movie now XD. I don't know what is so unusually touching about it, but....

I wonder what it would feel like to....

.... but wouldn't it be horrible?