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Just because I'm procrastinating from the whole uni thing. XD

♥ basics
» Name? Nikki
» Height? 162cm
» Age? 18
» Tomboy or Girly girl? Girly-girl LOL.

♥ do you...?
» Like metrosexual boys? No. I prefer more boyish types lol.
» Like accessories? Yes!
» Like high heels? I would like to like them, but they hurt too much and I'm too freaked about tripping/spraining an ankle XD
» Like matchy matchy, or mix and match? Used to be more matchy-matchy, but I think now I don't care as much and just mix and match. It's more fun :3
» Spend a lot of money on beauty products in general? Well, not my own money lol...
» Shop online for clothes? No, too risky! ><
» Steal style ideas from friends? I wouldn't call it stealing. I just like to look XD

♥ favourite...?
» Article of clothing in your closet? Probably the new skinny/straight jeans I got in HK lol.
» Makeup line? For mascara, CoverGirl. For everything else.... generally whatever.
» Skincare line? Avene is the best I've used so far =)
» Perfume? Anna Sui by Anna Sui.
» Colors to wear? Yellow! Black! Gray! Blue! White?

♥ what stuff...?
» What is a trend you dislike the most? Lolol, I don't really have a thing against any trends XD
» What is your fashion philosophy? The most important thing is whether or not you like it X3
» What kind of shoes do you like? Comfortable converse and flats.
» What is your biggest fashion problem? The problem tummy LOL. And I suppose I'm not on good terms with my hips or legs either.
» What old trends do you think should come back? I dunno, I'd wear it even if it was out anyway XD
» What one piece are you dying to add to your wardrobe? Same as Angela. Some nicer clubbing tops, or a comfortable party dress.

♥ misc
» How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Like.... at least an hour? XD
» Ever been to a fashion show? No :(
» Would you ever go out in public without makeup? I've done that before lolol. Lots of times.
» Who do you think has great style? The Non-no models!
» If you had a fashion budget of 1 million dollars, where would you shop, and why? I would probably like to go to Japan for the cute accessories and Australia, since they have better clothes there which are still wearable in NZ. Not sure about the fashion in other countries, so... I will buy lots of shoes though XD.
» Is there anything you absolutely CAN'T wear? Skintight tops. And really short shorts/skirts lol.
» If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why? Er.... I'm not familiar with many designers. And I wouldn't know if it's a brand or a designer so. Yeah. XDD