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First day at uni -_-

Dear All,

Am quite tired and cannot really be bothered making a proper LJ entry, so will just ramble for a short while.

First day at uni was.... 3/10. Maybe that is a really low score but I'm not really enjoying it right now. It almost feels like a first day at primary all over again, completely unfamiliar and new.... and although there had been maybe an initial OHOHOHTHISISEXCITING when I first got to campus, it quickly melted away and was replaced by.... I dunno. Not exactly disdain, but perhaps disappointment? Nevertheless, I'm determined to be hopeful and will believe that uni will eventually get better as I get to know more people through the tutorials and become more used to this new stage of life. I shalt not give up! Or not yet anyway. This is only the beginning. XD

....I was just wondering though, will I have to buy all the books I need to read for English.... and if I need to have a head start on that like, right now....

Tired Nix

PS. It is at this point in time that I am particularly grateful for my family. Lol. Despite having been very irked at them for quite some time now, Mum, Dad & Q have been godsends today and I feel much better after having ranted to them about uni during dinner XDD.