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Week Two.

Let's try to say this all in a few words as I have no time for long, elaborated entries.

I hate my English tutorial. 'Daisy' was right in saying that 'Mimi' was the most annoying girl in her year at college. She annoys the heck out of me. Everyone else in the class are just either unbelievably ass-sucking and eager-to-please or uptight and pompous or both. Honestly speaking, so many of the uni students in my classes seem to be like so. I hope my first impressions were wrong.

Either way, I really have to change my English tutorial.

I am two readings behind in Law.

Half a reading behind in Phil.

Only got home at 8.15pm today due to a movie screening for English in which we watched Dekalog and Wallace and Gromit. The former of which was depressing as hell and made me want to kill myself. (Jk lol. But it was really depressing.)

I have to read Hadji Murat and Lolita by the end of next week at least.

I have to finish Maus I soon. Even though I should have finished it at the beginning of the week.

I have no idea what the hell I'm doing for Law despite doing my best to study. Okay, so not my ultimate best. But I'm getting there.

...I can't get my head around Philosophy or Law.

I have no idea what I'm doing, period. Or rather, I know what I'm doing but it doesn't seem to be quite enough and it's just not very satisfying for me somehow.

I have to stay until 6pm on Thursdays, one of the days in which I get off early for ONCE because I was too late in enrolling for my Law tutorial and so I have no choice.

I have to read all the stuff they put on Cecil. There must be at least 50 files I haven't opened by now, or more.

I have to get my head around the Philosophy essay.

Good heavens. I have to get my head together, period.