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Teh law test.

Goodness gracious. After neglecting my LJ for several weeks, I can finally come back to it after my law test....

A short description of what happened is that it went quite shittily. I'm quite drained at the moment. I mean, I supposed I was quite "oh no.... T________T" after the test first ended, but now I'm just tired and glad that it's behind me. But I am aware of the fact that I probably need to do a heck of a lot more study from now on, which is.... not appealing but I suppose it must be done. Quite frankly, I just hope that I manage to pass this test so that I can attempt to console myself by saying that at least I did pass and that I can redeem myself in the final exam. However, that would be much harder to do if I really badly failed... and.... yeah.... ><

I suppose at least I'm not down with really violent food poisoning like poor Bor at the moment. I hope he gets better soon. =(

Ugh. Not looking forward to Asian foam. Nor the rest of the year, for that matter.

Depressed, Nix.